We are giving away a CASH prize to one lucky house mate every single month! It’s The Luxury Lotto!

Live Draws Every Month

Total given away so far: £12,352.00

How it works:

It couldn’t be more simple. To be entered you need to: live with us and be up to date on rent payments. You’ll be automatically entered into the monthly draw, the jackpot of which is made up of £1 for every occupied Luxury House Share room which meets the above criteria. Winners are chosen at random.

Meet our winners!

Rahil from Glovers Court


Jess from Bairstow St


Guilia from Latham Street


Michal from Latham Street


Pierre from Glovers Court


Christian from Parker Street


Mickey from Chapel Street


Mickey from Chapel Street won for a 2nd time taking £630.00 cash! 

Adam from Parker Street


Grzegorz from Glovers Clourt


Mickey from Chapel Street


Nick from Parker Street


Lloyd from Glovers Court